2-D Artists working in the 4th dimension. Some decent tutorials as well

Yellowshed Two collaborating designers who rock animation

Jamie Caliri Remember how cool those United Commercials were? What about the Lemony Snicket’s end credits? Here’s a look at the man behind the curtain

PES I just found out this guy is only a year older than me, I’m gonna kill myself! His work is some of the best innovations in stop motion I have seen in years. Very funny.

BLUBLU Site specific animation. Very cool process and technique. The website is awesome too.

David Wilson This site took awhile to find but well worth it. I heard about this animator after a friend sent me a link to the video for Moray McLaren. Check it our, its under “film…”


These links are good resources to artists, current and dead

Marshall Arisman Mixed media artist. Great at teaching and painting with combs.

Luis Araujo Great collage artist. Some excellent ideas for digital projects

Apocryph This is a fantastic database for surreal imagery that was photographed and composed in Photoshop. There are some valuable tutorials here as well as documented step by step process

Christophe Huet Some amazing composites as well as ultra slick professional work.

Marko Manev A great illustrator who designed some very elegant posters in the minimalist tradition. I’m not sure this is the best site for his work, but it should get the ball rolling.

Daniel Egneus hard to explain but hard to look away


Blanket group of links to spur inspirado

Boredom is your Fault Great Blog with an extensive archive. I really like the Illustration archive, they have some great links to Polish posters.

Graphic Exchange This site is run/held by Fabien Barral, a designer who will have his own link under Typography. This database is amazing.

The Graphic Definer This is an amazing database. February 2009 has some great Constructavist posters and the motion graphic link has some really interesting responses to the lame Ford Truck campaign

Smashingmagazine Great pipeline into what is trendy in print and web. Type “legacy of polish poster design” into the search to read a great comprehensive article on the comings and goings of my favorite design movement.

Bored Panda I love this site. Check out the evolution of a logo or some great photo manipulations by M. Archain. The spirit photography of William Hope reminds me of my work on Macabre, only better.

Subtraction This is a great website devoted to minimalism in both web and print


Polish Poster Examples Heres a great resource to some of the best Eastern European poster design of the last 60 years.

CONNECTED This is one of the best examples/documentations of process I have ever seen. The film is cool also but the poster kills. The rendering and type treatment all work together. Check out the animatic and concept art.

Polish Poster Galler Goddamn, the Polish can make a poster!!


Links to strong type pages, experimental type and free fonts

Daily Type Daily Type is a creative project run by several Russian type designers.

Design Shack Some great Web advice for anyone interested in design. A particular point of interest might be

Fabien Barral This guy is sick. Dave Mckean light

The League of Movable Type Join, and be part of the open source revolution!

Chip Kidd This guy is the MAN. Learn from W. Sorbecki and be happy. If your a graphic designer and you haven’t read the Cheese Monkey’s yet, your behind the curve.

Typedia This is a badass databse of some free fonts

Blambot Load up your novelty typefaces here. Most are free

Dafont Because we cant seem to get enough novelty typefaces

What’s the Deal with Bezier Handles Anyway? Cool breakdown of how to create a polished look on your handmade script font

Making script type by hand Nice little overview of how to render script type in Ai

FontSquirrel Excellent database for novelty fonts

The Kerning Game It looks much easier than it really is


List of artists who sculpt light

Joel Peter Witkin Mix equal parts Bosch, Goya and Bacon. Insert a camera and corpses and you have Witkin

Brandon Allen Photographer

Jerry Uelsmann Compositing master sans photoshop

Floria Sigismondi Photographer/Director

Iain Crawford Some of the most colorful and textured fashion/glamour photography i have seen.

Fstoppers Video blog with some great tips from motion to PS. Make sure to check out Lee Varis tutorial on how to correct blemished skin with a weird high pass technique.


Links to examples, tutorials and the comings and goings of type in the fourth dimension

Marco Folio Great examples of motion graphics

The Art of the Title Comprehensive database of motion graphics for film intros/extros

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles I think the name says it all.

Brad Chmielewski I just stumbled on this guys work, pretty impressive and a local boy. He has some pretty decent tutorials for after effects.

The Mill


Imaginary Forces

Digital Kitchen


Without it, we would be no different than dogs…..from a chroma standpoint.

Adobe Kuler Awesome site for color scheme generations.

Collage This site will help you get the ball rolling on how to create a unique collage.


Collection of tutorials and freebies

PHOTOSHOPSUPPORT Great database of links ranging from beginner to advanced. I really like the advanced section under tutorials. Jennifer Farley has a cool explanation on how to modify the art history brush.

The Art of Robert Campus Digital painting can be tough at first. This is a good demo aimed at coloring in line art.

Melissa Clifton Creating that Warhol/Lichtenstein half tone effect has never been easier.

Photoshop Roadmap More Photoshop links than you can shake a stick at.

Photoshop Cafe Some decent links here, check out the textures section under tutorials.

Photoshop Vault This is a great resource. A lot of examples plus some step by step training

PSD TUTS Again, a great databse of examples and tutorials

Layers Magazine This is another great database of tutorials and freebies. If masking hair is a problem, plug in….

Photoshop Tutorialsthe name should say it all

Masking Hair in PhotoshopI know, its tough. Use a backdrop when you can, but if you can’t, here’s an in the can solution. I recently found the link to Russell Browns stellar hair brushes at:

halftone patterns in PhotoshopI have seen this technique in Scalped and wondered how R. M. Guéra did it. I think i figured it out.

FILMLinks dedicated to the history of and the avant garde nature of this new media

filmsiteDamn good site devoted to the history of film. Lots of articles and interesting top ten lists.

American PropagandaWhile I’m not a huge fan of anything Spike puts it’s name on, there is a nice little collection of weird propaganda clips that beg to be mashed up.

ILLUSTRATIONCompilation of artists and techniques for both traditional and digital processes

Fantastic Tiger TalesSome excellent work by Jason E. Bennett. I really like his imaginary creatures.

The Perry Bible FellowshipNicholas Gurewitch is a gifted illustrator with many styles. He also happens to be funny as hell.

WEBList of designers and freebies

Web Designer Depotsome nice fonts and templates

W3CJust bookmark it

Code AcademyReally nice and free way to break into code

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