And so it begins

Thanks to everyone for being patient as I overhauled my website. I know it took way too long but it’s finally getting populated and I will soon resume posting weekly on Fridays. Gutting my old Squarespace site, I have been going through and pulling any content that only existed in there server. Doing so I went back through all of my old blog posts and found my very first one, almost 10 years to the day. I thought I would repost it for laughs……my how little things change.



Not wanting to make any more excuses for why my old website stunk…here it is. hopefull (sic) i will have all content published by the end of Sept but i’m not holding my breathe.”

Published by Ninja Pirate Robot Squid

I am a Ninja who is a Robot. By day I am a Pirate, by night I am a Squid. I'm also a Pirate and a Ninja by night. Who is also a Robot by day.

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