Process part 1 of ?

When I migrated my site from Squarespace last year I lost all my previous posts, including a few on documenting my process. Well, a project came along through work that does a good job of showing my process and how I am trying to solve the clients needs

Specs – Design a banner (6″x1″) to be displayed in a high school library that

  • relates to reading
  • visually interesting (has a client ever asked for a non interesting piece?
  • possibly in the style of Art Deco / Manga or is open to suggestions

It’s a cool idea and I’m super stoked to be able to work on this but it’s pretty vague in it’s brief so I start sketching. These little thumbnails take about 1 minute to render and it’s a fast way to get ideas to paper without getting bogged down in the minutia of color, value etc. I’m really not even sure what the client wants so it’s best to throw out a bunch or different ideas and take their temperature as to what specifically they are looking for. These are just a few of the 20ish I jotted down.

I went all over the place. Animals, people, landscapes, architecture, fantasy are all given a treatment. She liked the knight and dragon and thought it would be ironic to see a dragon sitting on a pile of books rather than a pile of gold. Eureka! A great idea! Has it been done before? To be sure, but considering our school mascot is a knight, if anyone has reason to lift a concept here, it’s us. So round 2 – Inks

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